AFT On PED Effort to reduce and improve data collection

Whitney Holland, President of the AFT

AFT News:

...Lujan Grisham Administration and PED engaged stakeholders to reduce red tape

RIO RANCHO – New Mexico American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Whitney Holland released the following statement:

“Public educators working in New Mexico’s K-12 schools can soon expect relief from the pressures of redundant and overly cumbersome data reporting as the New Mexico Department of Public Education implements the recommendations from his study of data collection processes in our public education system.

“As a result of a collaborative effort between stakeholders and the NM PED, our coalition conducted a total review of the nearly 250 reports and data collections required to modernize, streamline and reduce the number of hours our educators and schools spend on ‘red tape’.

“As a recent teacher, I know firsthand the time spent on report writing and data collection. The truth is that every hour spent on redundant or unnecessary reports was an hour not spent with my students, engaging them in the learning process.

“Under the leadership of Dr. Kurt Steinhaus, the NM PED has transitioned to a service model for our educators, and today’s report is further evidence of their commitment to our profession by returning 10 hours of teaching time potential per teacher through reductions in reporting in the 22-23 school year alone.

“This report represents the ongoing effort between public educators and the Lujan Grisham administration to improve our profession and the services we provide to our students and their families. We celebrate these advances and the respectful collaboration that produced this report.

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