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Exemplary Energy’s Managing Director, David Ferrari, will present a seminar on data services for facility energy management.

The ARBS session will include the production and application of the Real Time Weather of the Year (RTY) and the development of new Extreme Weather of the Year (XMY) datasets.

The session will provide participants with a working knowledge of real-time weather data and its use in weather/energy indices.

Ferrari will explain how to apply weather/energy indices to facility management from calibrated simulations of buildings, HVAC systems and on-site renewable energy systems.

Regular simulations can be used as a tool for energy management and optimization of buildings in operation.

Ferrari will also present recent analysis that indicates the feasibility of creating eXtreme Meteorological Year (XMY) datasets that can be used to assess risk from extreme weather events.

Ferrari is an engineer with a long-standing interest in energy transition, having spent two decades in government, industry and academia supporting the urgently needed changes.

He first worked with Exemplary as an intern in 2003 and returned in 2021 as Managing Director. In the interim, he has worked with the regional United Nations secretariat as well as with state governments here in Australia.

He also ran a lab and conducted research with RMIT University and BOM.

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