Data services offering a new Statista subscription and summer data training workshops

Research Data Services is thrilled to announce the new free “Statista” data subscription for all SHU faculty, students and staff. The SHU community can access over a million statistics on over 80,000 topics through this subscription. University Libraries, where Research Data Services resides, is grateful to the Office of Grants and Research (OGRS) who funded this subscription through a $1.5 million grant from the State of New Jersey through its Opportunity Meets Innovation (OMI) Challenge Grants program.

Statista data is collected from over 22,500 data sources such as government databases, trade publications, scientific journals and over 170 different industries and over 160 countries and presented to users in the form of graphs , tables and infographics. Statista is one of the reliable data sources for market data, market research and market research. With over 200 data and research specialists, all published data and reports must pass a proven multi-step peer review process. The Statista platform supports the following languages: English, Spanish, German and French. Seton Hall faculty, students and staff can access their accounts using

Seton Hall University Library Databases. Under the “Search” tab, there will be the Seton Hall University Libraries AZ Databases listing. Connecting to the Statista platform via the SHU Institutional Subscription gives users free access to pdf, PPT, XLS and PNG files. Users should see: Welcome, Seton Hall University!” at the top left of their screen to ensure full subscription access.

Research Data Services will host a workshop “Finding Data for Your Research: With the newly added subscription, Statista. Attendees will learn how to navigate the platform and download and cite Statista data. done through RDS Calendar.

Interested in other Research Data Services workshops?

A picture of students with laptopsUniversity Libraries’ Research Data Services will host online data summer workshops from June 21 to August 30. RDS Data Courses provide students, faculty, and staff with hands-on training sessions on managing, analyzing, and visualizing data using different quantitative and qualitative tools. Software. These data workshops are beneficial in preparing students for research methods and data analysis courses. Moreover, these data classes help students in their theses and dissertations. This summer training will cover Stata, Atlas.ti, ArcGIS, RStudio, Jupyter, Qualtrics, SPSS and PowerBI.

As mentioned above, in addition to software training, the RDS will introduce the new “Statista” data subscription. presented in the workshop “Finding data for your research in ICPSR, Statista, PolicyMaps and The Living Atlas of The World”. In this workshop, the RDS team takes you on a journey to discover meaningful datasets tailored to your research interests. The SHU Community has free access to ICPSR, PolicyMap, The Living Atlas of The World and Statista.

To view the full schedule and register, go to The RDS calendar or email [email protected]

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