Databricks’ Chris D’Agostino on AI and data management

I spoke with Chris D’Agostino, Global Field CTO of Databricks, about a new survey that reveals key market trends in the data and AI industries, and how these two technologies intertwine.

Among the topics we covered:

1) Based on your reading of the report, what do you consider to be 1 or 2 key takeaways regarding AI and data management?

2) Let’s go over the main points and talk about what they mean:

• Well over half of executives expect the use of AI to be pervasive or critical in business functions by 2025.

• 72% of C-level respondents stress that data management issues will undermine future AI achievements.

• 78% of executives surveyed say that successfully scaling AI is the top priority for data strategy.

• Investment in AI will be greatest in financial services.

• Leaders view multi-cloud and open standards as integral to advancing AI.

3) How does Databricks meet the AI ​​and data management needs of its customers? What is the Databricks advantage?

4) The future of data management and AI? What are the important trends we can expect in the coming years?

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