ECXX uses OneTick for data management and analysis

OneTick is asset class independent and currently has clients across FX, stocks, futures, CFDs, FIs and options.

Tick ​​data management and analytics provider OneMarketData has announced that ECXX, an asset-based digital stock exchange, has selected OneTick Trade Surveillance.

The Singapore-based digital asset exchange caters to both professional traders and accredited investors and can manage an ecosystem with high liquidity to provide reliable and secure digital asset trading services.

Enter OneTick Trade Surveillance, which manages massive volumes of market data and order flow and gives users confidence that they will meet their regulatory obligations even during peak market activity.

The solution offers the scalability, reliability, flexible support, adaptability, user customization, and ease of use that financial institutions need in a cost-effective package.

OneTick Trade Surveillance helps banks, brokers, buying houses and other financial institutions meet their regulatory and compliance requirements, from data capture to case management and everything in between, the company says.

Dermot Harriss, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Solutions at OneMarketData, said, “ECXX’s vision to become the world’s leading digital asset exchange makes it the perfect client for OneTick Trade Surveillance. OneTick has been deployed by major global exchanges to meet regulatory requirements across multiple asset classes and global jurisdictions. By deploying OneTick, ECXX will benefit from the same technology used by major traditional exchanges to meet the most complex and stringent global regulatory requirements.

OneTick Trade Surveillance helps companies meet the requirements of regulatory regimes around the world, including SEC/FINRA, CFTC, MAR, ASIC, and IIROC.

The solution offers integrated real-time order flow review with exceptions, correlation-based cross-market alerts, alert calibration, alert workflow management, and order book replay. He is asset class agnostic and currently has clients across Forex, Stocks, Futures, CFDs, FIs and Options.

The cloud-based offering includes global stocks, options, futures, and forex market data. Users can quickly and easily investigate alerts in browser-based dashboards and design custom compliance workflows to meet regulatory and internal reporting obligations. The solution can be deployed in-house or fully hosted and managed by OMD.

Invast Global is an example of a leading brokerage name that selected OneTick Surveillance, hosted and fully managed by OneMarketData, for the benefit of the leading multi-asset blue chip brokerage firm.

With increasing regulatory requirements and pressures on financial services companies, Invast Global uses OneTick to ensure that all transactions made globally are protected and appropriately monitored as part of a workflow auditable.

Invast Global leverages OneTick Surveillance’s built-in web-based dashboard designed for efficient review of surveillance alerts, quick review of new alerts, and to assign, review, annotate, and archive them to meet compliance obligations . The solution includes predefined and configurable alert rules and monitors, as well as tools and a user interface to manage, track and audit.

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