GreenCo now offers services for building ESG applications for data collection

HONG KONG, August 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) regulations and disclosure requirements become more stringent, the collection, storage and analysis of ESG-related data will play a role more important in the ESG management of companies. To help companies more easily collect and process a large number of different types of ESG information, GreenCo has successfully developed and launched a new ESG portal for digital management of ESG data, which is one of the first digital ESG data in hong kong which can be customized according to the needs of each company.

GreenCo’s new ESG Portal is specifically designed for the digital management of ESG data collection. Individual customers will have their own personalized portal for management. This portal is perfect for businesses with different geographic locations and businesses that need to collect data from a large number of branches or stores.

Remote and easy access

The ESG portal is an application with various integrated digital forms. Individual clients will have access to their own portal, while their staff in multiple business locations will be able to remotely access the platform and easily submit their applications. It can also be useful because the ESG portal is designed to adapt to all sizes of electronic screens, ranging from views of phones, tablets to laptops. To facilitate the distribution of work, GreenCo will help its client to design the structure of the portal according to its hierarchical lines and the separation of tasks.

Quality control

To control the quality of the collected data, the ESG portal is also equipped with the data validation feature which is designed to avoid any invalid or human error in the input process. Backed by GreenCo’s abundant experience serving more than 60 public companies spanning a wide range of industries and geographic locations, the Data Validation Criteria are designed to lead to better, error-free data.

Automated calculations

Additionally, the ESG Portal also supports the basic scoring algorithm and calculation, which can help save time and reduce errors. Additionally, ESG dashboards can be designed for clients to perform an ESG assessment on a numerical basis. It can also help clients who are looking for solutions to assess the ESG performance of their supplier or the fund manager to assess the ESG performance of their investee.

Cost and benefit

The actual cost will depend on the client’s specific requirements (on validation and interfaces) and the ESG data organization structure. This can cost around 50% of the annual reporting budget for the first time and around 20% to 33% of the annual reporting budget for the next few years. The benefit is huge for time savings in centralized data management, risk of personnel turnover, promotion of consistency and prevention of errors.

The director of GreenCo, Max Tsang explained that “With our years of experience helping our clients prepare their annual ESG report, we can see that some clients with diverse business segments and business locations need a lot of help with data collection. as well as the consolidation and processing of dispersed data With this in mind, following the trend of digitization, we have developed the ESG Portal as a one-stop solution for our clients to better collect and process their ESG data. better managing ESG data, companies can monitor their progress more easily and thus offer opportunities to improve their ESG performance.”

Stephanie Chan, GreenCo’s senior consultant, believes the new ESG portal not only helps companies collect ESG data in a more organized way, but can also help companies prepare for future regulatory updates such as independent assurance of the annual ESG report. “With the ESG Portal, all ESG data is collected and logged on the server. Whenever audit evidence is needed, clients can simply export the logged data with submission staff and the submission data is clearly logged , which facilitates reporting and auditability,” she added. .

As the world moves away from the traditional mode of data processing that involves a multitude of paper forms and spreadsheets, GreenCo hopes this launch of the ESG Portal can help its customers move towards a more sustainable digitized future.

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About GreenCo

GreenCo ESG Advisory Limited has focused on ESG reporting and sustainability advice since 2016. GreenCo has had membership in sustainability associations such as the GRI Community and Business Environment Council for years, and our professional advisory group is committed to designing and producing bespoke ESG advisory services. . More than 60 companies listed in hong kong and Singaporeas well as companies around the world with distinct business histories spanning most industries of the Hang Seng Industry Classification System have collaborated with us to make breakthroughs in good ESG management and contribute to global sustainable development.

In line with international and local frameworks, including Appendix 27/20 – ESG Reporting Guide to the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEx”), the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs of the UN), the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment Management (A PRICE), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), CDP Guidance Documentation and Questionnaires and S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment, GreenCo’s multi-faceted advisory support provided the most advanced, insightful and practices to its customers and various industry sectors in its journey towards transparency, sustainability and resilience.

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