Healthcare leader expands into AI training data services enters the text classification and data collection market specializes in creating accurate, timely, and cost-effective training data for text-based machine learning projects. »

-Marc Christensen

RICHMOND, Virginia, USA, March 15, 2022 / — The makers of industry-leading clinical documentation software WebChartMD today announce their expansion into software and services for artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

The start-up, (pronounced zelex), target $9 billion text classification Marlet. In text classification, workers categorize unstructured text to teach computers how to automate large-scale text tasks. The technology, known as machine learning, has the potential to transform businesses and customer engagement globally.

The company’s goal is to help technology companies succeed by creating the training data needed to successfully implement their IT automation projects. “Preparing training data is a laborious and logistically challenging process,” said Mark Christensen, CEO of “Over 75% of companies struggle to implement their machine learning projects due to the challenges of creating reliable and accurate training data.” sees this problem as an opportunity. “Preparing accurate, timely and cost-effective training data is a natural extension of what we already do for our clients,” Christensen said. “Over 24,000 content creators have provided highly accurate textual data to over 40,000 customers over the past 15 years using WebChartMD. It’s something we’re very good at.

A growing list of industries rely on text-based machine learning automation, including financial services, call center operations, healthcare, customer experience/deal management. brand and industries using text-to-speech apps, to name a few. “Machine learning and text classification services are used in almost every industry and in virtually every country that is tech-savvy,” Christensen said.

The company is very developed workflow management software and services focus on the three main segments of the text classification market: data collection and text correction for text-to-speech applications and language modeling; text classification for use cases such as sentiment analysis; and search-related text classification.

One of the strengths of’s business model is its long-standing relationships with a linguistically diverse network of international labor partners. “Unlike other tagging services that employ anonymous users, we have worked with many of our international partners for over 10 years. The benefit is higher reliability and accountability, which increases the likelihood of project success. »

For more information, visit www.xelex.aior contact Mark Christensen, CEO, at 423-930-9213 or [email protected]

On provides training data to technology companies for use in improving the accuracy of artificial intelligence applications. is the artificial intelligence brand of Xelex Digital, LLC, makers of WebChartMD, a leader in clinical documentation software used by more than 40,000 healthcare providers since 2006.

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