Hekka Labs Introduces South Asia’s First Decentralized Chronic Disease Data Management Ecosystem

Hekka has cemented initial partnerships with 3 Indian healthcare solution providers, Curisin, a healthcare company with an extensive network of 30 million patients and 40,000 partner physicians who recently agreed to provide a minimum of 1, 5 million medical records in 2022. Another agreement to provide up to 20 distinct blood biomarkers along with Covid 19 data on 100,000 patients, will form the basis of a first trial for its blockchain audit trail platform. IMMUNIDEX, a healthcare solutions provider offering tests and applications driven by proprietary AI that can identify early immune system risks and is well positioned to capture highly valuable data for the Hekka Network. TELEMEDICINE INDIAN CO, a start-up offering several telemedicine services, several blood tests and health tests including COVID-19 tests, will be another integral part of data generation for the Hekka ecosystem.

Hekka Labs with the integration of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) offers an out-of-the-box solution that allows users to interact with the HEKKA ecosystem without major disruption. This setup can solve inherent problems that regularly occur in the healthcare industry, such as inefficient biomarker management, document monopolization, and unstructured data management.

Hekka Labs aims to become the leading chronic disease and immunology platform in India. Hekka’s private and public blockchain network solution will generate new trust in the management of Indian health data and can open up significant opportunities for national and global collaboration. This will lead to new levels of ethical standards and excellence for the Indian healthcare market.

In the long term, Hekka plans to evolve as a significant decentralized healthcare ecosystem by connecting the network of medical providers and associates resulting in a targeted community of over 500 million patients. As a result, tens of billions of digital chronic disease biomarkers can be made available for deep learning, potentially accelerating new health discoveries.

HEK is the native token of the Hekka ecosystem, which is launched in the ERC-20 standards of the Ethereum network for its intensive security and global reputation, guaranteeing the confidence to provide the most sophisticated health data management service.

The HEK token is a token supplemented with an ATOM token system (points) which is the main source of HEKKA’s data transfers. This guarantees the value of the token. The HEK token will be a key element to serve all the interactions of potential users with the different levels of service of the platform.

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SOURCE Hekka Laboratories

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