Informatica Launches Intelligent Data Management Cloud for Higher Education

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Computer science® (NYSE: INFA), the leader in enterprise cloud data management, today announced the launch of the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) for Higher Education at Educause, an annual conference focused on higher education technology. IDMC for Higher Education will enable institutions to modernize their data infrastructure with an AI-powered, secure and scalable solution to better connect the academic community, make data-driven decisions and support better teaching and learning innovative.

According to a study published by Educause, data integration has been a challenge since the introduction of student success technologies. Schools have data distributed in decentralized units and need better ways to integrate it from disparate systems into a cohesive structure so they can learn from the data about student success.

“Simply moving data to the cloud can be efficient, but it takes more to get value. Our partnership with Informatica brings the best data management capabilities to the cloud while allowing us to integrate our on-premises data environments. We need reliable and timely data to achieve effective operations, the implementation of our strategic plan, and ultimately student success,” said Jimmy Patel, Director of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Information Technology Services, Old Dominion University.

“Informatica Customer 360 powered by the IDMC Platform enables us to have a single source of truth, a holistic 360-degree view of data we can trust across our organization for data analytics and insights,” said Anthony Perera, chief data and analytics officer. at La Trobe University. “We can have peace of mind and not have to worry about data, which frees up our time to take care of more strategic tasks. Additionally, having reliable, high-quality data allows us to optimize our marketing campaign efforts and be even more successful in engaging our students at every stage of their journey with us – from student recruitment, enrollment through graduation and beyond. This reinforces La Trobe’s belief in the pursuit of sustainable practices and innovation.

IDMC for Higher Education offers a solid foundation to enable educational institutions to deliver digital experiences that drive business results, including:

Provide an exceptional student experience with a 360 degree view of students:

  • Create custom programs to drive engagement, improve graduation rates, and deliver self-paced courses to facilitate student success and improve university rankings.

  • Make it easy for students to access digital assets online, view a class schedule, contact an academic advisor, or check financial aid details.

  • Identify potential issues, such as checking in on a student who stops showing up in the cafeteria, and empower college staff to respond proactively.

Streamline admissions and recruiting with advanced cloud data management:

Today, universities, like businesses, face hundreds of data silos scattered across multiple clouds and on-premises systems. IDMC offers cloud-native data management to create a single source of truth about student data, an essential foundation for improving the student experience. IDMC for Higher Education enables:

  • Scale data management efforts with advanced features like mass ingestion, high-performance ELT, and sophisticated workload orchestration.

  • Support high performance and scalable analytics with advanced transformations.

  • Offer no-code tools that provide intelligent recommendations to scale and reduce total cost of ownership.

Ensure security, privacy and compliance:

  • Deliver governed, protected, and trusted data across the institution.

  • Identify and protect sensitive information to ensure consent and ethical data processing.

  • Provide a secure cloud platform with comprehensive technical protections covering access, encryption, auditing, and other stringent controls.

  • Protect student data and facilitate compliance with state, federal and global data privacy regulations.

“With many siled enterprise systems generating vast volumes of data in various formats, educational institutions struggle to get a clear and complete view of every stage of the student lifecycle,” said Michael Anderson, Chief Strategist, Public Sector at Informatica. “Providing the right digital services requires high-quality data that provides a 360-degree view of each student’s school lifecycle. With our IDMC for higher education, we are able to analyze data from all departments and functions, from recruitment and academic study, to on and off-campus life, to deliver the ideal experience on the campus.

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