New real-time, self-service data management architecture

Enterprise Data Fabrics – what is it? Learn more about it in this on-demand webinar.

You’ve probably heard of the enterprise data fabric, which unlike other architectures such as data lakes, for example, accesses, transforms and harmonizes data from multiple sources, on demand, to make them usable and exploitable for a wide variety. business applications.

Real-time analytics capabilities are built right into the fabric, delivering extremely high performance and enabling organizations to gain new insights faster and easier and power intelligent predictive and prescriptive services and applications.

The data to power almost everything

It also allows organizations to keep data where it resides, rather than moving it to different analytics environments, improving efficiency.

All of this helps eliminate latencies and silos and enables data consumers to access live data from a variety of sources on-demand and get an integrated, reliable, real-time view of their data to power it all. , from customer 360 to risk and fraud management. detection.

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