Odaseva’s Commitment to Enabling Business Agility with Data Management Leads to Record Year of Growth

Company Supports Businesses’ Ability to Extend Their Business Continuity Goal to the Next Stage of Data Management, Driving Odaseva’s Own Global Expansion

SAN FRANCISCO – December 20, 2021Odaseva, the # 1 enterprise data platform for Salesforce, revealed major business and platform growth in 2021 due to its growing leadership role in paving the way for the next stage of data management. By focusing more on business continuity – a must – to include business agility, Odaseva enables its global clientele to better take advantage of growth opportunities while developing its own operations around the world.

“Managing, protecting and ensuring data compliance in SaaS applications has become a top priority for global businesses, and by achieving these goals, organizations can improve their business agility,” said Sovan Bin, CEO and Founder, Odaseva. “The strong demand for our enterprise data platform for Salesforce has allowed us to expand our global presence, grow our team and provide additional essential services. “

In 2021, Odaseva served 90 million Salesforce users, protecting 12 petabytes of data, demonstrating both the demand for its solutions and the success of the company’s broader focus.

A year of international growth and continued momentum

  • A growing global presence: In 2021, Odaseva enlarged its offices in Paris, San Francisco and Sydney, while creating a subsidiary in the United Kingdom for future expansion.
  • Extended team: Odaseva has increased its workforce by 100 percent.
  • Reinforced management team: In 2021, Odaseva expanded its management team with the following appointments to better manage the company’s growth and growing opportunities:
    • Véronique Marimon as Chief of Staff and Managing Director, EMEA. Before joining Odaseva, she held the position of Chief of Staff of the GM and EVP of Salesforce France.
    • Armaud Treps as Director of Information Security. Previously, he held the position of Deputy Director of Information Security at Accor, the world leader in the hotel industry.
    • Emmanuel Samson as CFO. Previously, he was Vice President of Finance, responsible for Finops for Talend, a high growth, publicly traded SaaS company.
    • Eleanor Treharne-Jones as Director of Revenue. Previously, she served as the global sales and marketing leader for fast growing start-up and mid-size companies such as TrustArc and IntraEdge.
  • New Residence as a Service (RaaS) offer: This new offering allows Salesforce customers to immediately comply with China’s Personal Information Protection Act, which came into effect in November.

About Odaseva
Odaseva is the # 1 enterprise data platform for Salesforce. Over 90 million Salesforce users rely on Odaseva tools to ensure Salesforce data protection, compliance and agility. Industry leaders like Schneider Electric and Manulife use Odaseva to ensure business continuity, respect customers and regulators, and move Salesforce data to any system. A leading Salesforce partner since 2012 with funding from Salesforce Ventures, Odaseva offers the strongest security, performance and expertise available to large enterprise customers of Salesforce.

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