ODP implements new data collection mechanism for CPS program data

A message from Undersecretary Ahrens:

Dear Staff of Administrative Entities and Service Providers,

The purpose of this message is to inform Administrative Entities (AEs) and Community Engagement Supports (CPS) providers that as of July 15, 2022, routine reporting to AEs and/or the relevant regional office of the ODP on the running status of the CPS programs is no longer needed. The ODP is launching a new mechanism for collecting data on the status of CPS programs.

Going forward, the ODP will periodically publish a brief survey Vendors to collect information about areas of operation of the Program, including but not limited to:

  • Current capacity;
  • Infection control strategies;
  • Barriers for people who were served before COVID service resumed;
  • Total number of people awaiting service; and
  • Barriers to program expansion.

The frequency of these surveys depends on changes in pandemic and workforce dynamics, but not exceed once per quarter.

ODP will also provide a list of persons currently eligible for CPS services who have not used CPS services at the time of the survey publication. The investigation will ask specific questions related to why the individual did not use the CPS service as authorized. The first vendor survey is scheduled to be released on August 1, 2022. CPS vendors will have up to 30 days to respond to the survey. Raw survey data will be provided to EAs. Summary data will be shared with stakeholders.

Please Note: For CPS providers that still have locations closed, we ask that you complete the survey and notify the appropriate AE and/or ODP regional office prior to any program reopening.

Additionally, any program closures must be reported in EIM in accordance with the ODP Incident Management Bulletin.

Thank you for your cooperation as we seek to use more effective methods of collecting program information to improve access for those in need of services.

ODP will share this notice on ODP’s vendor mailing list and with vendor associations. To ensure all CPS vendors are aware, AE, please ensure that CPS vendors in your area receive this notice.

Please direct your questions to the appropriate regional CPS manager.

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