Pavement Condition Data Collection Underway at Oak Ridge


Oak Ridgers may notice a pickup truck doing pavement condition assessments and inspection work around town.

The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization assessments come after the city of Oak Ridge conducted its own opinion poll of people who use Oak Ridge roads. The survey did not focus only on paving, but a majority – 93% of respondents – chose road infrastructure issues, including ruined roads, potholes and construction as the main challenges for the road. city.

Lauren Gray, the city’s senior communications specialist, presented the results during the city council working session on October 19.

The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), which is a collaborative group of planning partners from public agencies including Oak Ridge, assigns priorities to regional transportation initiatives.

TPO has contracted with Applied Pavement Technology Inc. (APTech) to perform pavement condition assessment and inspection work from October to December 2021. Using test tools advanced pavement, APTech assesses pavement condition for agencies to use the data to identify streets most in need of repair and develop multi-year maintenance and reclamation plans.

Citizens can expect to see an APTech pickup truck equipped with specialized technology moving through the streets of the area. APTech’s van will follow all posted traffic signs and display a warning beacon so that drivers and pedestrians are not impacted by driving.

“Daily traffic and weather have a significant impact on our roads; Identifying and measuring pavement conditions now will help us avoid bigger problems on our road network in the future, ”said Roger Flynn, Town of Oak Ridge engineer, in a town press release. “This project with APTech will help us make informed, data-driven decisions when planning our agency’s road maintenance.

To help agencies manage pavement assets and support responsible performance-based decision making regarding pavement needs, Knoxville TPO has developed a two-phase project for Pavement Management Services.

In the first phase, the agency engaged member agencies to assess their needs and wants in the region. In Phase 2 of the effort, condition data will be collected and pavement management systems will be implemented for each participating agency, including the towns of Knoxville, Oak Ridge and Clinton, and the County of Blount. The city of Maryville has also chosen to participate in the work condition data collection portion and will use this data in its GIS system to plan work needs, the statement said.

“Roads are one of the most valuable assets of any city or county, and APTech is proud to help Knoxville area communities proactively protect them,” said Mark Gardner, Director program at APTech, in the press release.

The data collection project schedule is subject to change due to the timing of other utility projects, weather, special events and any unforeseen circumstances. For more information visit

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