Privacy and personal data collection study leaves Apple in a surprising spot

And on the other hand, there are other companies like Google or Twitter that aren’t doing very well, and you have to take that into account.

One of the main features a user looks for when using a service or application is privacy, and most of the technology companies and services we use collect a lot of data from their customers, which we accept when registering.

And now a new analysis shows the points tech giants end up collecting, and there’s one company that stands out to collect less data than others and you might be surprisedalthough there are also other very predictable outcomes.

Well, according to the study done by stockapps, Google is, by far, the company that collects the most data about us when using its services accumulating a total of 39 points different data for each of its users.

Second, we have Twitter which collects 24 points from users and in third place Amazon which collects 23 points from its users, significant sums that the consumer must pay to use these free services.

However, much maligned companies like Facebook collect “only” 14 user data, which is why one of the most maligned social networks does less user tracking on its services.

However, of all the big tech companies, Manzana It is the one that collects the fewest points from its users, more precisely 12, an amount more than three times lower than that of Google, so the use of Apple services is safer if we talk about privacy for users .

However, in 2020, Apple launched the Application Tracking Transparency (ATT) which is an indicator that gives users the option to choose whether or not they want to be tracked by various apps and websites owned by other companies.

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