Qumulo simplifies data management for active archives


New storage server makes archive data actively available, giving customers more flexibility

Qumulo, the revolutionary leader in radically simplifying enterprise file data management in hybrid cloud environments, today unveiled the Qumulo Certified K-432T appliance, a new active archiving platform for Qumulo® Q server. The state-of-the-art K-432T system provides Qumulo customers with high density archives that deliver consistent active archiving performance at scale. The K-432T is immediately available from Arrow Electronics, Inc.

As file data continues to grow exponentially, it is difficult for organizations to manage this valuable asset with the resources they have. Meanwhile, long-term data retention requirements in sectors from financial services to healthcare and beyond make this challenge even greater, as the data footprint grows year on year with the content retained. to meet compliance requirements. With the K-432T, customers can handle massive amounts of long-term archive data with consistent performance for regular use, thus eliminating the need for offline cold storage such as tapes, cloud archives and lower performance legacy storage systems. Built with 24 18TB hard drives per node, the largest available on the market, the K-432T is the densest and highest capacity archiving platform that Qumulo has certified to date, capable of clusters. over 34 in.

“At Qumulo, we continue to expand our platform portfolio to give customers greater flexibility and freedom to build their unstructured data lakes with the capabilities they need from the best technology options.” , said Jason Sturgeon, Server Q product manager at Qumulo. . “We are delighted to offer our customers the Qumulo Certified K-432T. Not only will this allow administrators to manage more data within a single cluster, but it will also help reduce operational overheads and improve user access experiences to data.

According to the 2021 Active Archive Alliance report, organizations today are striving to capitalize on low-cost analytics, AI-based analytics and active archiving cybersecurity to recover lost revenue and improve competitive advantage (1). The K-432T solution addresses these concerns and more. Its ability to scale to over 34PB reduces up-front costs as well as power, networking and data center space, delivering an even better total cost of ownership for customers.

“Managing data with Qumulo is so easy, it’s hard to describe the impact. This has given us a huge return on our investment in terms of saving time and eliminating problems, and having this reliable storage that we can finally trust makes us want to use it more widely across the board. company, ”said John Beck, IT Manager at Hyundai MOBIS.

To learn more about how the Qumulo Certified K-432T can simplify your largest unstructured data storage use cases, Contact us today.

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1 Active Archive Alliance, “Saved by the Data; Active Archive opens the way in a world in the midst of a pandemic ”, May 2021 https://activearchive.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/AAA-Annual-Report-2021-final-2.pdf


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