Shepper’s data collection app gains 1,000 users a day due to cost of living crisis – Retail Times

As a direct result of the growing cost of living crisis, an innovative data collection service app, Shepper, has seen a dramatic increase in popularity, with a 158% increase in users.

Shepper has also seen an increase in the number of jobs available to its users across the UK, with searchers having already completed 87.7% of last year’s jobs in the first half of 2022.

The app financially rewards its users for performing market research, mystery shopping, and audit services at stores, restaurants, and properties, for example, lovingly naming its community its “shepherds.”

Shepper has become the third most popular lifestyle app on the Apple Store, sometimes ahead of The National Lottery and Tinder, as more people look for other ways to supplement their income. This year, Shepper plans to donate around £2m to his community of shepherds, up from just over £1m last year. It plans to double the number of jobs available year on year from 2023.

Shepper offers businesses real-time market research, mystery shopping and auditing services to help protect and inform brands like L’Oreal and GiffGaff. By offering pay for small jobs, the company is changing the face of data collection. This has resulted in a huge increase in revenue over the past two years, with 2022 revenue expected to be more than 9x that of 2020. The quality of data collection and insights gathered for customers has also resulted in a strong customer loyalty, with 80 percent of revenue in 2022 coming from repeat customers.

Since its launch in 2016, it has produced over 300,000 reports for its clients and collected over four million data points across the country.

The range of jobs available has grown, from simple away from home checks and mystery shopping, to experience and compliance to the UK’s biggest product recall, making Shepper one of the most comprehensive data collection services for retailers. Shepper is quickly becoming indispensable for brands and consumers in the face of economic uncertainty and record inflation.

Lindsay Forster, CEO of Shepper, commented: “Socio-political events and rising inflation have led to an unprecedented cost of living crisis which has seen a huge boom in the use of our app, while more and more people are looking for alternative ways to reach the top. increase their income. The crisis and rising inflation have strained the relationship between brands and their customers. In the wake of an economic downturn, it’s more important than ever for brands to understand their customers and their experiences, which has also led to strong growth in our customer base.

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