Waybridge obtains SOC 2 certification for secure data management


NEW YORK, 28 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bridge, the supply chain platform for raw materials, today announced that it has achieved type 2 certification of systems and organization controls (SOC 2), which ensures that the company meets standards most stringent in the industry for data security. Certification enables Waybridge to provide its customers and partners with the confidence to manage their commodity transactions and protect their critical data within the platform.

The need for secure data management is more critical than ever, as energy infrastructure and supply chain companies find themselves the target of cyber attacks, which can expose private information. SOC 2 certification requires strong established policies and procedures to ensure the security and confidentiality of data and the availability of its platform. A technical audit process validates a company’s systems and controls, ensuring that the organization meets SOC 2 standards. Align conducted the Waybridge audit and indicated that it did not find any significant flaws in Waybridge’s infrastructure.

“We invested early on in achieving SOC 2 compliance to assure our customers and partners that they can trust Waybridge with their most sensitive information,” said Andrew Sweeney, Technical Director of Waybridge. “This aligns with our philosophy that maintaining trust in the Waybridge platform requires a foundation of protecting private and confidential information. “

The Waybridge platform is a fully managed software as a service product for the commodities industry. Built on the latest technology in a cloud-based infrastructure, Waybridge combines the knowledge of a diverse group of leaders in the commodities, supply chain, and B2B technology spaces to develop solutions that respond to business cases. most complex use of its customers. Its end-to-end platform serves as a source of truth and visibility for its customers’ data, which is why Waybridge has taken the initiative to obtain SOC 2 certification for third party validation of the reliability of its platform.

Waybridge’s dedicated engineering team manages the entire software development lifecycle, from ideation to 24/7 on-call technical support, monitoring and alerting. potential problems. The team implements best practices to develop products, including a robust change management process to account for accuracy; quality; Security; and observability, and designed its platform to use multiple physical data centers to ensure high availability of its services.

To learn more about Waybridge, visit https://waybridge.com.

About Waybridge
Waybridge provides unprecedented visibility into the raw material supply chain, connecting all parties and partners on one intuitive platform. Our platform allows customers to have end-to-end visibility into their physical material transactions. Waybridge combines the expertise and vision of the founders Brian O’Kelley, Andrea Aranguren, Scott evans, and Andrew Sweeney to create an intuitive platform that makes commodity trading smarter, faster and better. Learn more about Waybridge.com or contact us on LinkedIn Where Twitter.

SOURCE Waybridge / BAM Communications

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