Wikidata, giant of hidden data: the largest collection of collaborative data in the world is ten years old

BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The fact that the knowledge base has now been in existence for ten years is an international achievement with its roots in Germany. In 2012, Wikimedia Deutschland started developing the knowledge base, which currently contains 100 million articles and is an indispensable interface for many institutions and projects, including the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Not least is Wikidata’s success thanks to a community of over 12,000 active volunteers who continually revise and add data.

Wikidata has significant advantages for Wikipedia. The data stored there – the birth dates of famous people as well as the population figures of cities, the exhibition site of a painting, and much more – can be integrated into Wikipedia articles. A centralized update of this data in Wikidata also changes the data of all linked articles. It is also easier to connect structured, machine-readable data with other programs, applications, or AI applications. Other projects and institutions also use Wikidata, including museums, libraries, scientific institutions, start-ups and several technology companies.

Franziska Heine, Executive Director of Wikimedia Deutschland: “Data can enrich our lives – provided it is available in an open, linked and machine-readable format. Wikidata has the web’s most compelling offering in this context, as the knowledge base is nurtured by its international community of thousands of volunteers. Over the next ten years, we want to continue to work together to ensure that the technology we use every day is built on an open foundation accessible to everyone, where everyone can contribute. This is the only way to sustainably offer access to free knowledge for all over the long term.

The Wikimedia Deutschland development team is currently working on various projects to continue supporting Wikidata in the future. To achieve this, additional efforts in the area of ​​data quality are crucial. Additionally, we are working to make Wikidata data more accessible to programmers in order to continue to support many new programs, applications, and services based on Wikidata data in the years to come.


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